Injection Molding and Tooling – Since 1972

Mold Making


CVT began as Chenango Tool until we added Plastic Injection Molding to our resume and became who we are today.

We have been building molds for over 40 years and that experience has been passed on and expanded to our current capabilities.

Upon completion and approval of your part and mold design, we then begin the Tool Building Process. Our experienced staff use our modern CNC machinery, EDMs, mills, grinders, lathes, and drills to produce the mold to stringent standards, assuring that your parts are molded to the highest quality.

The process of building your mold can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the part and mold design. We have built molds in a few days in some cases. Please see Rapid Mold Building.

The payment schedule for the mold process is a 50 percent down payment prior to start, with 25 percent billed upon completion of the mold, and 25 percent billed net 30 days. Finance tooling is available on a case by case basis. Effective in 2016, CVT also stands behind their work with our Lifetime Warranty.

Mold Design


CVT Lifetime Warranty

Chenango Valley Technologies will warranty any tool that is Built and Run in our shop, at NO EXTRA COST, for the lifetime of that tool/mold as long as that tool is being run in our facility for production parts.

What the warranty covers:
  • All maintenance following production runs
  • Any breakage/repairs that are needed during the tool/mold lifetime
  • CVT will keep the tool in working order so that acceptable, quality parts can be ordered indefinitely.
What the warranty does not cover:
  • Any changes to the tool/mold due to part changes/updates that avoid a new tool/mold being built in its place
  • Any revisions to the original tool/mold that would make the original part obsolete
  • Any tool/mold damage or failure due to part design
Injection Molding and Tooling - Since 1972. Made in USA.