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Part Design


Design Assistance and Part Design

Our customers begin to work with us in various stages of readiness in the development of their parts for their project.

If you have engineered files prepared, our engineering staff will analyze your part design(s) using SolidWorks to verify them for mold-ability. CVT will also access the best way to construct your mold based on your material preferences and the volume of the parts you are looking to produce.

We also assist customers that arrive to us in earlier stages of their process.

We realize that the design process is a detailed one and some may need assistance with design in these early stages. After a review of your design(s) we will provide you with feedback where we may see issues and offer options that will make the part easier to mold and possibly be less expensive to manufacture. We have the know how to take your prototypes or rough sketches and turn them into 3D models that will be used for the mold build and production of your injection molded parts.


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